What are the Police Check Services?

Typically, a Calgary Police Checks requires you to provide proof of your name and / or birth date. The result shows one of the following:

You might be wondering why you would need to obtain a Calgary Police Check, and the answer to that question is simple-your peace of mind. By having a police check available, you can prevent identity theft and catch criminals in the act. Here are some reasons why you might need a police check service:

o For employment. Most police check services require potential employees to submit to an identity verification interview. Potential employers will know what criminal history background checks they will be conducting. If you are applying for a job at a business in the western Australia area, it’s important to understand what information you will need to submit as part of your application.

o Employment verification A Calgary Police Department criminal background check will often require an employment verification. For example, if applying for work at a bank (or other financial institution), you may need to show proof that you are currently residing in Canada. This is also known as an ID card. This usually means that you will need to show your passport or driver’s license. You will also need to show proof of residence if you apply for government work (such a in the health section). Inadequate documentation could cause delays in processing your request for housing and/or work.

o Background checks. Although not all police check services to perform criminal background checks, many do. Calgary police services conduct background checks that focus on marital status, age, date of birth, gender, and race. Some police check companies also conduct fingerprint checks to verify identity and date of birth for potential employees.

A Court ordered criminal background checks. Pre-employment background checks are also performed by some police departments on potential candidates to make sure they aren’t discriminated against based on past criminal records. These checks can also be used to verify residency and other information that may be used in determining whether an individual is qualified for employment, whether they are eligible for rent assistance, and other benefits that may be available through the police force. These checks are typically done during pre-employment, but can also take place after employment has been entered to the database.

o Police checks that are not criminal. The police in Western Australia are not restricted to enforcing law. They sometimes have to deal with citizens who have not paid the correct amount of fines or appeared in court. In such cases, the national law enforcement check system allows employers to access the individual’s police records checks to make sure they are not hiring someone with criminal history. An organization might decline a candidate if there are many criminal history checks or traffic offenses against them.

Employers should spend the time to decide which type of police check is best for them. Although each type of check costs the same, the detail provided by each one will differ. Each type of check is designed to provide employers with the necessary information to make a well informed decision about their employees. If you are interested in obtaining one of these background investigations, contact an investigation company to discuss your options. They can explain the process in detail to you and help you find the best police check service for you.