Why you should use a home inspection engineered by a licensed professional

A qualified Home Inspector Engineer will inspect your home before you purchase a home. A Home Inspection Engineer will thoroughly inspect your home for any potential defects or flaws. Some defects are very costly to fix and others are safety concerns. For example, a house that costs $2000 but has $7500 worth of problems is very different from a house that costs $3000 and needs only $15k to fix. An Engineer is trained to look at these situations and look for signs of the problem.

An Engineer will look closely for any cracks or other anomalies around windows and doors, electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures, sinks, water heaters and so on. These items can cause many problems, especially when they are visible to the naked eyes. You will want to ensure that these items are addressed before the home inspection. You may find that a few items were overlooked but these were not a problem in the first place. Remember a home inspection report will never reflect what you see with your own eyes, only the certified home inspection engineer can do that. It will be more accurate, and more reliable, if you get an Engineer’s opinion.

It is vital that you do not take matters into your own hands when it comes to your home inspection. A Home Inspection Engineer is trained to spot these types and take care of them. They have all of the tools and the special equipment necessary to show these defects and correct them. Engineers are better than inspectors as they can identify these types of problems. Plus an Engineering firm will have the specialized knowledge to come to a proper conclusion about the condition of your home and to fix any defects they find. This may include making repairs or changes to accommodate any defects they notice.

There is good news if you are concerned about hiring an inexperienced home inspector to do a thorough job. However, this does not mean that you will be unable to rely on poor workmanship. Rather, you should search out an Engineer that already has a great deal of experience dealing with your type of building. An experienced Home Inspector Engineer may not only know what you are looking for but can also save you time and money by using the right tool for the job. The more experience, the better. You don’t have to limit your search to only experienced engineers. There are many licensed Home Inspection Engineers that can help you.

As we mentioned, home inspectors are limited to only seeing what is visible to the naked eye. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it can make things more complicated when there are hidden defects or damages. The “Inspection reports” are a great resource to help home inspectors spot unseen issues. These are written reports detailing the problems detected during the home inspection.

Not all Inspectors are created equally, however. Some Inspectors are just not good at what their job entails. It is important to hire a licensed professional home inspectors company. Such a company will have the necessary expertise and knowledge to spot problems that would be very difficult for an unprofessional inspector to see.

Another reason to use a licensed professional home inspection engineer instead of an unlicensed “do it yourself” inspector is because some inspectors are not very good at their jobs. This makes it very difficult to find an honest, trustworthy inspector to hire. Referring to other inspectors is often the best way to find out how competent he is. The references provided by the company are a good indicator of how serious they are. If you recognize most of the names, that is a sign that the company takes its job seriously.

Another reason to use a home inspector instead of a self-employed “do it yourself” inspector, is the time factor. When an inspection is being done, it can take all day to complete. A homeowner might not have the time or energy to complete the inspection, especially if they are dealing with multiple contractors. Additionally, hiring an inspector is costly. It’s cheaper to hire someone to do it. In many cases, a home inspection company is able to complete the home inspection within a few hours time – saving the homeowner money in both time and money.